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The Fogg Carpentry Story

Fogg Carpentry was founded by Master Carpenter, Reon Fogg. Reon has been working in the Rockville, MD home improvement industry and providing exceptional carpentry services in Rockville, MD for over 30 years.

Reon started as a painter by trade. Even though he was a painter, Reon’s hunger for knowledge led him to learn various home improvement trades. He wanted to learn every aspect of the industry. Over the course of time Reon discovered his second love… Carpentry. His first love is his wife, of course.

Reon worked as part of several of the leading design build and home improvement companies in the Rockville, MD region. In short order customers noticed the Reon’s projects demonstrated a higher level of craftsmanship than is commonly found.

Reon quickly became the guy that every designer wanted to work on their project. 

During his time working for others, Reon noticed things within the industry that he wanted to change.

  • Companies intentionally underbid their projects to get the deal and them come back asking for more money
  • Companies sacrifice quality to increase profits
  • Workers do not take pride in their work
  • Some designers make recommendations based on their desire to make commission more than what it’s best for the customer
  • Many companies were more concerned about revenue goals than doing the job right

Reon saw the state of the industry and decided that there had to be a better way.  Fogg Carpentry in Rockville, MD was created to be the example of a customer focused, high quality remodeling, and home improvement company. 

Reon personally selects the employees and affiliates who join the team at Fogg Carpentry — ensuring that only quality carpentry services are delivered to our Rockville, MD customers. Only the best can work on a Fogg Carpentry remodeling project.

Our work speaks for us.

Why People Choose Fogg Carpentry?

Fogg Carpentry provides customer focused, high quality remodeling services to homeowners who want to make their dreams of the perfect home come true. 

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Anne Arundel County | Baltimore | Montgomery County | Prince Georges County

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