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The kitchen is often the heart of your home. The focal point of parties, a gathering place – you want to have the most beautiful kitchen possible.  Maryland homeowners choose Fogg Carpentry for kitchen remodeling. We offer a range of services that will lead you to your dream kitchen remodel in Rockville, Bethesda, Montgomery County and other cities in Maryland. With Fogg Carpentry kitchen remodeling services you’ll have kitchen counters to show off, custom cabinets to brag about, and unique stylings that only a professional kitchen remodeling company in Maryland can offer. You’ll love the work you receive from us, and your guests will be blown away by your incredible new kitchen.

For a stress-free kitchen remodeling experience, you can rely on Fogg Carpentry as your kitchen contractor for custom cabinets and kitchen counters in Rockville, MD, and surrounding areas like Bethesda, MD, or Montgomery County, MD.

Rockville, MD Kitchen Remodel | Custom Cabinets & Kitchen Counters

Why Choose Fogg Carpentry For your next Kitchen Remodeling Project in MD?

Fogg Carpentry offers the most professional kitchen remodeling services in the Maryland. We take our work very seriously. Remodeling is our passion.

A master carpenter works with you from start to finish helping to make your kitchen dreams a reality. They will update you and work directly with you. We figured that we should have the most knowledgeable and experienced person there for you to answer your questions.

Designer Quality Work at Reasonable Prices

It’s actually kind of funny – if you reach out to the best design companies for your kitchen remodel in Rockville, MD or the surrounding areas like Bethesda, MD , there’s a good chance they’ll subcontract us to do the work. If you want to skip the middleman, you can come right to us and save money and time.

Personalized Service

We realize that a kitchen remodel has to align with our client’s vision. We can give you a kitchen that we think looks good, but if you don’t like it then it’s a failure for us.

That’s why we decided early on that our services will be completely personalized. You won’t get a cookie-cutter solution at Fogg Carpentry. We listen to your needs, understand your wants, review options, and deliver exceptional results.

We will include you in every decision that’s made along the way. We always communicate how different decisions will affect the timeline and budget. We go the extra mile to ensure you get exactly what you’re looking for.

Designed with Your Budget in Mind

Some homeowners have a specific budget range for their kitchen remodeling project in Maryland In those cases, we work with you and review options that can meet your expectations without exceeding your budget.

We will also show you options that will increase or decrease the total cost based on your vision, but it’s all up to you. We want you to be comfortable with the cost of your kitchen as you are with your new kitchen. 

Thanks to our network of connections, we can source materials affordably and help keep the costs low.

Quality Materials

We never cut corners when it comes to materials. We are always looking to provide high-quality materials for your project, without falling outside of your budget. We want you to enjoy your dream kitchen for as long as possible.  As a result, we recommend materials that will stand up to the test of time. 

Quality Workmanship

Our workmanship is another area where we exceed homeowner’s expectations. You’ll find exceptional quality across our business.

We only bring in the brightest and best talent in the Rockville, MD area to our kitchen remodeling team. We make sure everyone on our team is qualified, professional, and customer-focused.

We make sure that every project is done right.

Custom Kitchen Remodeling

When you want your dream kitchen, you will love the custom services offered by our kitchen remodeling company in Maryland.

We walk through the process with you, do the design work, review options and install a great kitchen. From floors to cabinets to ceilings, we’ll take care of all the heavy lifting.  We pay attention to every detail. 

We can help take your kitchen to the next level with our custom finish carpentry.

  • Trim around doors and windows
  • Baseboards
  • Hardware
  • Doors
  • Crown molding

You can just sit back and watch your kitchen transform in front of your eyes. Your house will look more like a dream house after we’re done.

Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Some homes require new kitchen cabinets rather than a complete remodel. You’d be surprised what a fresh set of cabinets can do for a kitchen. In Rockville, MD our custom cabinets will make your kitchen look new.

Think about it – your cabinets are the face of your kitchen. When your kitchen needs a facelift, you can reach out to Fogg Carpentry. We have many styles and woods to choose from.  The options are only limited by your imagination.  We will design the perfect space for you.

We source, fabricate, and install semi-custom, stock, and custom cabinetry into homes across the Rockville, MD region.


Countertops take a beating over the course of time.  Without the right countertops, you’ll find yourself wasting a lot of time and money repairing or replacing them multiple times.

The combination of our high-quality materials, incredible craftsmanship, and unbelievable team ensure that you get the perfect countertops for your Rockville, MD home, no matter what style you’re looking for.

  • Quartz
  • Marble
  • Solid surface
  • Granite
  • Tile
  • Laminate

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