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How to Tell When Your Kitchen Needs Renovating

According to Home Advisor, kitchens require remodeling every 10 to 15 years. This is how long it takes for color trends to shift and finishes to experience considerable wear and tear. A kitchen makeover performed by expert kitchen contractors is one of the most expensive and disruptive home improvement projects you can undertake. You should only take on a significant kitchen makeover if there are compelling reasons to do so. Here are several obvious indicators that it’s time for kitchen renovation.

1. Your Needs Have Evolved

The addition of children to a household or their departure typically necessitates a kitchen remodeling project. The kitchen that served you well before having children may suddenly drive you insane. Or perhaps, now that your children have left for college, you need a more hospitable area for entertaining. Sometimes, homes must be modified to accommodate shifting requirements.

2. Your Home’s Appliances Are Obsolete

The majority of kitchen equipment endures heavy usage and has a limited lifespan. There is only a 15-year projected lifespan for gas ranges, 13 years for refrigerators, and nine years for dishwashers. If you last updated your kitchen before 2005, the outlook for your appliances is not good. Even if they are still functional, older appliances can be energy hogs and, in the worst cases, downright hazardous.

Many homeowners opt to replace all their appliances at once to maintain a uniform appearance. Of course, this does not necessitate a total kitchen makeover. That being said, it makes sense to consider this alternative, along with any layout adjustments wanted, when replacing a whole suite of faulty equipment.

3. You Lack Adequate Storage and Preparation Space

Even if you’re not the largest foodie on the block, you still need sufficient room to keep and prepare your food. That being said, you might have dozens of poorly built cupboards and drawers that do not provide enough orderly storage for your culinary equipment and small appliances. With a carefully planned remodeling project from professional kitchen contractors, you can incorporate more storage and preparation space into your kitchen.

4. It Lacks Flow

A well-designed kitchen offers an easy-to-use workspace where everything is within reach, and people can move freely and effectively. Often, antique kitchens are haphazardly designed. All the pieces are there, but they are either too close or too far apart. A skilled interior designer will ask several questions to determine how you use your kitchen, how many chefs will be there simultaneously, and what you dislike about the current arrangement.

Design plays a significant role in ensuring that you will enjoy your kitchen for many years. This is why you need to hire professional kitchen contractors. Give us a call today to learn about our services.

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